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How wrong they are... [28 Oct 2007|07:37pm]
Yuna and Amber walked arm in arm through the bustling streets of Luca, following the giggling, bouncing, Al Bhed girl.
"Y'know," Amber smiled, "it's times like these that I wonder how she hasn't exploded."
Yuna chuckled, "I've wondered that too."
"I can hear you!" Rikku shouted back at them.
"MOVE!" someone yelled. And the air was suddenly full of "Oh, Yevon!"s and "Somebody DO something!"s and a small, screaming figure that was most definitely on fire tore past them.
"RUMO VILGEHK CRED!" Rikku screamed and chased after the figure and Amber, who hadn't even reacted before chasing the flames.
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