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My Sudden

So Cittah

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  [...] (But in the crowd I) / Caught a glimpse of your eye / Everything freezes / I'm in an old photograph / I'm back from the start / Caught a glimpse of your eye / Everything freezes and I'm ready / To give you my heart

  Mayday, Mayday / Too many voices too much noise in my ear / Don't want to lose contact over this black ocean / Now you sing follow love / I'll be safe in devotion

You are my sudden flash of brilliance.
You are my sudden moment of clarity.
You are my sudden breath of fresh air.
You are my sudden soft touch.
You are my sudden memory.
You are my sudden.

E muja oui, so cittah.

[OOC: This is an RP-style journal written from the point of view of Rikku (from Final Fantasy X and X-2)'s lover. Just a peek into their day to day lives. Shoujo-ai abounds.

Feel free to chat with the girls or to make a request to me! We never bite hard!... Unless you try and steal my stuff! I work hard on all of the content and it's all copyright moi- do NOT steal.

Amber is played by Cintia Dicker.]

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"Caught a Glimpse" by Blindside [x]